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Fence Repair Brooklyn

When it comes to iron fences in Brooklyn New York, the options in terms of color and design are endless. From wrought iron fences, to chain links fences, we are the answer to all your fences needs in Brooklyn New York.

Basement steel door Brooklyn

During years in the fence repair and installation services in Brooklyn, and hundreds of fencing projects, we acquired the knowledge to fix all kinds of fences in New York. Whether it is residential steel fence, or a commercial fence in Brooklyn, we can fix it.

Not sure if you need to repair the existing fence, or to replace it with a new one? Let us help. From chain link fences to Iron fences in Brooklyn, when you are searching for a fence contractor in Brooklyn, Jacobs Iron Works is the answer.
If you are looking for fencing contractor in Brooklyn New York, all you need to do is to contact us, and leave all your fencing problems in the past. Ask each one of our customers in Brooklyn, and they will all tell you that Jacobs Iron works from Brooklyn is a company you can trust to get the job done ASAP, and for a fair price.

Since there are many different types of fences in Brooklyn, it is not always possible to complete the repair on the spot. If completing the repair require just welding service, we may be able to complete the repair on the spot, but if it require parts, we may need to measure the fence, and return with the missing parts. We do offer same day fence repair in Brooklyn New York, but since there are many types of fences (And with different colors), no welder in Brooklyn can carry with parts for all fences in Brooklyn.

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Gate Repair Brooklyn

Iron Gates, whether it is a rolling gate in Brooklyn that need some repairs, a roll up gate or a steel gate, can serve multiple purposes: some of them meant to provide protection, and prevent the unwelcome from entering your property, and some need to blend into the surrounding area where they are installed in Brooklyn. But all gates have one thing in common – they all need to be strong, reliable, and need to serve you whenever you need it, like every steel gate in Brooklyn should. Whether it is a basement cellar door in Brooklyn, or basement steel door in NYC, maintain them before the winter.

From designed wrought iron gates in Brooklyn, through simple chain link gate in NYC, to an electric rolling gate. Jacob's Iron Works from Brooklyn can help you find the right Iron Gate for you. We have successfully installed and repaired hundreds of steel gates in Brooklyn NY, and we have never left unfinished job behind us. Each one of our steel gates techs in Brooklyn know, that Jacobs Iron Works is committed to 100% satisfaction on every project we accept, no matter how complex or simple it is. And that we will always do all we can to add one more satisfied customer to our long list of satisfied customers in Brooklyn New York , who can testify, that when it comes to iron gates in Brooklyn, Jacobs Iron Works is the answer.
We fix, maintain and inspect all types of steel gates in Brooklyn New York, commercial and residential. To a real pro, it doesn’t matter what type you have, if it is a rolling door in Brooklyn, a garage door repair in NYC, or a new garage door opener installation. We believe that a real pro should be able to deal with all types of projects, residential and commercial, simple and complicated. And since we consider ourselves professional, we proudly offer services for all kinds of steel gates in NYC. From roll up repair in Brooklyn, to new rolling steel gate in Queens New York. If it is a broken steel gate, Jacobs iron works from Brooklyn can fix it.

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Welding Brooklyn NY

Jacobs Iron Works offer same day welding service in Brooklyn NY. From broken fence repair, through gate repair, to window grate repair, we will always be there for you, since welding projects in NYC is what we do. We know that there is no right timing for a gate or a fence in Brooklyn to break, and we know that many times you need a welding repair service ASAP. We are proud to offer you with a 24-7 welding service in Brooklyn, so you know that we will fix the problem today.

No welding project in Brooklyn is too small or too big for us, and we give each project that we accept with our full attention. Not sure what you need? No problem! We are always happy to share our knowledge with our customers in Brooklyn, a knowledge we gathered during many years in iron works in Brooklyn New York.
From broken fence to broken gate repair in Brooklyn, we can fix it. We have all the tools and the knowledge to repair every broken fence or steel gate in Brooklyn New York. By using high quality parts, we will make sure that you will get a high quality repair service, and always for a reasonable price. Because welding services in Brooklyn is what we do, and we do all we can to become the best iron works company in Brooklyn New York.
There is no need to worry, with our emergency repair service in Brooklyn, we can fix it today. Whether you need iron work, fence repair, gate opener installation, or custom made gate part, we can do it.

Our welding service in Brooklyn New York:


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Repair Service

Jacobs Iron Works offer a same day welding service in Brooklyn New York. If your fence is broken, if your gate in Brooklyn is not working, or any other problem that require a professional welder, you got to the right place. We offer all types of iron works services in Brooklyn New York, and we can even be there today.

We know that not every fence or gate in Brooklyn can be fixed, and many times it is better to replace it with a new one, and by that to save a lot of time and money. If you are not sure what to do, and if you are not sure if it is better to repair the existing fence in Brooklyn or replace it, we are here for you. From window gates to hand rails in Brooklyn New York, when it comes to iron works in Brooklyn, we are here for you.

We offer residential and commercial welding services for all types of fences and gates in Brooklyn New York, and we will always be there on time, offer you a professional advice, and we try to complete the job ASAP. Our company is insured, and each one of our technicians in NYC have successfully performed hundreds of iron works in Brooklyn, like Cellar door installation, and gate repairs.
We can repair things that other can’t, and not once we surprise customers declaring that we can fix a roll up gate in Brooklyn that others refused to fix. But there is one thing we never did, and we will never do during our iron works repairs in Brooklyn: We will never fix something unless we are complexly sure that fixing it mean that it will be safe for use once we complete the repair. If we will think that fixing your gate or welding your fence in Brooklyn will not be safe, we will choose to completely replace it, or we will refuse to accept the project. We have a reputation to maintain in Brooklyn, and we will never do anything that can hurt our reputation as one of the leading iron works company in Brooklyn New York.
All you need to do is to contact us, and let the professionals deal with the problems.

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Customer's Reviews
  • Thanks Jacob for being so patient. I know it wasn't easy, but at the end the project went great and the fence really changed the whole building. Thanks again.

    –Sahaj Meljee - Brooklyn

  • What can I say, if not for you guys, I think I would of sleep inside my store the whole night. The gate is working great now, and I don't think that someone will be able those window bars you installed.

    –Tim Morozonsky - Brooklyn

  • Thanks for helping me improve my house. I really enjoy the iron works you did in my garden. BTW Jacob, the horizontal bar is being used every day...

    –Ben Kaluponh - Brooklyn

  • The renewal project came out amazing! It is hard to believe that this is the same fence that was installed 24 years ago. I really appreciate that you helped us maintain the theme of our house. Thanks!!

    –Stephany Bella Levy - Brooklyn