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Do you need a gate repair service in Brooklyn? We can help you with that, and we will do it today! We offer same day repair service for iron gates in Brooklyn New York – from rolling gate repair in Brooklyn New York, to roll up gate repair in NYC, we are the answer for all your gate needs in Brooklyn.
No gate repair in Brooklyn is too simple or too complicated for us, since when you are a professional gate repairer, you can fix all kinds of gate problems. Whether your rolling gate is out of its tracks, or your rolling gate need repairs, we are here for you. We carry with us parts for many steel gates in Brooklyn including electric gate repairs and roll up doors. Whether your gate went out of tracks, the gate operator is not responding, or if you are looking for steel gate maintenance services in Brooklyn, Jacob’s Iron works can be there for you today.

Gates in Brooklyn NY

There are many types of gates in Brooklyn and in NYC. There are swing gates installed on steel hinges, there are rolling gates with torsion springs, push up gates, sliding gates, roll down gates and more. And the best part of it is that we can fix all of the, Whether it is a rolling gate repair a roll up gate installation or a commercial gate repair in NYC, fixing steel gates in Brooklyn is what we do, and with our same day service, you don’t need to worry that your steel gate will remain open for the whole night since we offer emergency gate repair service in Brooklyn.

Emergency Gate Repair NYC

We fix iron gates from all kinds, including roll up gate, rolling gate, roll down gate repair, swing gate repair, sliding gate repair and much more. From broken spring repair, to broken operator repair, we can fix it. All you need to do is to contact us, and let one of our iron gates specialist’s help, and get your iron gate repaired today!
As you probably know by now (In case you are facing a broken gate), there is never perfect time for a steel gate in Brooklyn to stop working. It can happen early in the morning the first time you open your store, it can happen by the end of the day when you try to lock your store front gate in Brooklyn, or it can even happen during the working hours. The good news are that if you are located in Brooklyn, we can help you get your gate repaired today. With endless steel gates repairs in our history, there was never a gate repair service we couldn’t complete. We fix and install all types of rolling gates and iron gates, since fixing gates in Brooklyn is what we do for living, and we are always trying to provide a professional and quick repair service for gates in Brooklyn.

Gate repair safety

We are all used to steel gates in Brooklyn that operate in a perfect way, and that open and close whenever we need it to. Whether it is an electric gate in Brooklyn, or a swing gate in NYC, you should know that a steel gate can weigh hundreds of pounds, and can be dangerous. It may seem to you that a simple push may put the gate back into the tracks, or that instead of contacting a gate repair company in Brooklyn you can just push the gate up or down. But, you may not know how dangerous a broken gate can be, and how many people got injured from a steel gate which was misused.
The best thing for you to if there is something wrong with your gate in Brooklyn will be to contact Jacobs Iron Works for same day gate repair service in Brooklyn New York.

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Rolling Gate Brooklyn NY

Jacobs Iron Works offer same day repair for rolling gate in Brooklyn NY. We know how important it is for you to get your rolling gate repaired ASAP, since a stuck steel gate, especially if it is a store front in New York can mean a great loss of money. No matter what time or what day, we will always be there for you and help you fix your gate in Brooklyn. We carry the tools, the parts and required knowledge to get any rolling gate fixed ASAP. From rolling gate opener repair, to roll down gate repair, we are the answer to all gates problems in Brooklyn.

Rolling Gate Brooklyn NY

Steel Gate Maintenance

No matter how much we will explain and repeat about how important it is to maintain steel gates if you want them to go on and continue to work in a safe and in a smooth way, it will never be enough. So we will say it again, the key to a perfectly operating steel gate in New York is the maintenance. If you purchased the best gate from the best roll up gates supplier in Brooklyn, and used the services of a professional gate installer in Brooklyn, it will not be enough if you will ignore the need of your rolling gate for maintenance.

Electric Gate Brooklyn

If you own an electric rolling gate in Brooklyn, and you are experiencing hard time operating the gate, it is time to contact Jacobs Iron Works for same day electric rolling gate repairs in Brooklyn New York. Trying to force the gate to work and ignoring the problem, instead of calling a rolling gate repairman in Brooklyn can result with one of two options or both: You rolling gate in Brooklyn will need a deeper repair, and that will cost you much more money, and the second option – and the more important one – is that using a broken rolling gate, in Brooklyn or someplace else can be dangerous, and can end with serious injuries and even death.
We offer rolling gate maintenance service in Brooklyn NY. Do not wait until it is too late, a maintenance service will improve the way your roiling gate work, and will allow us to discover broken or lose parts before the gate stop working. For rolling gate service in Brooklyn, Contact us, and get the service today!


Our emergency rolling gate repairs in Brooklyn include same day repairs for all kinds of rolling and roll up gates in Brooklyn. Whether you need a garage door repair or a roll up door service, one of our team members will be there for you. No need for long waiting hours, and no need to wait all night inside the store. With our same day gate repair service in Brooklyn, we will fix your rolling gate in Brooklyn today.

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Gate Repairs Brooklyn

There are many kinds and types of gate in Brooklyn New York. If you would join us for one day during our gate repairs in Brooklyn, you will find that we are dealing with many different kinds of gates in Brooklyn. We repair chain link gates, roiling gates, roll up gates, swing gates, sliding gates, push up gates and more. You get the idea. But as professional gate contractor, we must be able to give solutions to all kinds of steel gates in Brooklyn, since the gate is sometime the main and even the only entrance or exit, and in those cases we must be able to provide a quick and efficient solution, and by that to maintain our reputation as one of the leading gate repair company in Brooklyn New York.

Still gate in Brooklyn NY

Gate repairs Brooklyn

When you are a pro, it doesn’t matter to you if it is a commercial rolling gate, a residential roll up gate, or a roll up door in Brooklyn. We believe that when you like what you do, and you consider yourself a pro, you must be able to repair all kinds of gates. We are proudly offer emergency repair service for gates in Brooklyn NY. From rolling gate repair to roll down gates repair, we can help. If you think that there is something wrong with your steel gate in Brooklyn, no matter from what kind, we recommend to stop using the gate and contact a gate contractor in Brooklyn NY, to come and inspect the gate.

Gate motor Brooklyn

Do not use a broken gate

If you will ignore the gate problem, and you will choose not to contact a gate technician in Brooklyn, hoping that the problem will go away by itself, and continue to try use the broken gate, you may cause 2 things: the first, you may increase the damage, and the repair is going to take longer, and will probably cost you more. Second, you should know that using a broken gate in Brooklyn, or anywhere else is dangerous, and can lead to injuries. So if your gate is broken, stop using it, try to keep people away from the gate, and contact us for same day gate repair service in Brooklyn New York.
Our repairs in Brooklyn
We fix all types of steel gates in Brooklyn, and we provide overhead doors repairs in NYC. But it doesn’t matter if you are experiencing troubles with a rolling gate in Staten Island, or you heard about our services and looking for commercial overhead repair in Westchester County we will not be there for you. Although we are located in Brooklyn, we will never say no to a customer in New York. And our customers appreciate that, and by reviewing our iron works services, they show that appreciation.
So even if you are located outside of Brooklyn, but still like to use our services, all you need to do is to contact us, and we will be there for you.

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Electric Gate Brooklyn

Need service for electric gate in Brooklyn? You got to the right place. From operator installation, to opener repair, we can help. Many times it seem like the problem is with the gate opener itself, when actually the problem is due to a problem with a different part of the gate and not necessarily from the motor, and we see it every day during our gate repair services in Brooklyn. If it is a rolling gate, or a roll up gate in Brooklyn, the problem may relate to a broken or a loose spring. Many people don’t know it, but the force which lift roll up gates such as rolling gates in Brooklyn, push up or roll ups, is the spring and not the operator.
So whenever  there is a problem with the spring, it affect the way the gate is moving electrically, and it seem like the operator is not working properly, when it is actually a problem with the gate itself. Luckily for you, we can fix any gate problem I Brooklyn, whether you need a motor repair, a spring replacement or any other type of gate repair.


Out of track gate repair

One of the common problems which prevent a rolling gate in Brooklyn from working properly is a roll up gate that went out of its tracks. Many times we receive calls from customers in New York which complain that their gate went out of its tracks, and they ask us to help. When we arrive, we usually immediacy find the reason why the gate went out of the tracks: Many times someone forgot something at the rolling gate’s path, or forgot to remove the lock from the gate. But there is no need to worry. Part of the services we provide is Locksmith service in Brooklyn. So if you are not sure who should  you call, know that Jacobs Iron Works provide all kind of repairs when it comes to steel gates repair in Brooklyn New York.

New gate motor Brooklyn

If your gate is working with a gate operator, or if you are thinking about installing an electric operator for your roll up gate in Brooklyn, there is something you should know: If the gate itself need to be repaired or maintained, the electric gate opener will not solve the problem. If the spring is weak, if the gate is coming out of the tracks very often, or if it has been a while since you used the services of a rolling gate repairman in Brooklyn, you better call us for same day service in Brooklyn, before installing the gate operator.

Electric gate Brooklyn
There are many different brands of rolling gates operator in the market. Some will say that they offer the best gate operators in Brooklyn, and some will tell you that they will install for you the best gate motor money can buy. We install high quality gate operators such as Power Master Gate operators, which are considered as the best gate operators in the American market, and we welcome you to check it.

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