Basement cellar door Brooklyn New York

Cellar Door Brooklyn New York

If you live in Brooklyn, and you are looking for someone who repair and install basement cellar doors in Brooklyn New York, we can help. Jacob’s Iron Works specialize in all kinds of iron works in Brooklyn, and of course cellar doors repairs and installation. If you are visiting this article, you probably looking for basement cellar door repair, or maybe for a new cellar door installation in Brooklyn. And you are lucky, since Jacob’s Iron Works can do both!
Whether you need new cellar door installation, or if you are looking for cellar door repairs in Brooklyn, we can help. With years of experience in Iron works around Brooklyn and in NYC, we can perform any type of iron work, commercial and residential. We repair steel roll up doors, fences and gates, and cellar doors is something that we are dealing with in our routine as a company that provide iron works services in New York.

Basement steel door repair Brooklyn

Why should I choose a cellar door?

If you already own cellar doors, or owned cellar doors in Brooklyn in the past, you are probably aware to the qualities that cellar doors offer, so you can skip to the next paragraph, if not, read more and learn about the qualities that using a cellar door in Brooklyn offer.
Cellar doors are installed in the ground level, usually above the ground and the provide access to places located lower than the ground like basements. Most stores in Brooklyn have, beside store front gate, steel cellar doors, that provide easy access into basements, and at the same time provide security solution since although the cellar doors in Brooklyn are located in the ground level, they are strong and hard to break, which makes the cellar doors a great solution for people who want to have their basement doors to be be both strong, and that will not take any space.  
The cellar doors come in wide variety of styles, materials and color, so each home owner or store owner in Brooklyn will find the nest cellar door for his store. Some people consider installing cellar doors by DIY, instead of hiring a professional technician for the job. The thing is that cellar doors require knowledge that goes above the basic knowledge that common handyman may have, since they include welding and heavy duty power tools, which require to install and sometime to repair a cellar door in Brooklyn New York.

Cellar Door Installation Brooklyn New York

We installed basement cellar doors in Brooklyn more than 20 years ago, and they are still there, in good condition, and still being used daily. The qualities of the steel cellar doors, whether in Brooklyn or anywhere else in New York is that the doors can last for many years, and require just basic maintenance? We install all types of cellar doors, from commercial basement cellar doors in Brooklyn, to new cellar door in Queens New York, Jacob’s Iron Works can help you get the cellar door you need.
There are many people who offer to install cellar doors in Brooklyn New work, some of them are professional, and some doesn’t have the experience that installing all kinds of cellar doors in Brooklyn require. Jacob’s Iron work supplied and installed many basement cellar doors in Brooklyn over the years, and customers reviewed the quality of the service we provided them. If you would like to read more, you can visit our Yelp reviews page, and read what our customers in Brooklyn think about our iron works services, including basement cellar doors supply and installation service in Brooklyn.

Cellar door repairs Brooklyn

What type of cellar door is the best in Brooklyn?

We are often being asked which cellar door is the best, and we will answer the same way we answer every time we are being asked: the best cellar doors are the high quality doors. We know that is probably not the answer you wanted to hear, but this is the most honest answer we can give you. When you consider the fact that basement cellar doors in Brooklyn New York (from the high quality type of cellar doors) can last 20 years and more, it is easy to understand why investing in high quality doors is the right investment.
You can choose if to invest 500$ or 1200$, it is up to you. But when you buy a 1,200$ cellar door for your basement in Brooklyn, and you get a door that you can use on a daily base for more than 20 years. To purchase the 500$ cellar door, that will last for 5-10 years, and during that time will require few repairs (Like welding the hinges), you will find that the door that cost you 500$, ended costing you 2,500$ after 20 years, when if you would choose to purchase the high quality cellar door that cost 1,200$, you would still pay the same amount after all those years. (Not to mention the time that you would save when you were searching for a welder in Brooklyn to fix the cellar door for you, and wait for him to arrive).
So to answer the question, if you are planning to purchase a cellar door in Brooklyn, invest in quality.

The installation of basement doors in Brooklyn

Getting a new cellar door, whether in Brooklyn, in Queens, in Manhattan or anywhere else in NYC, is combined from 2 parts: The cellar door itself (including the frame) and the installation job. Just like any type of iron work, whether it is a rolling gate repairs, or overhead door repairs, cellar doors also require certain skills in order to perform a professional installation.
The cellar doors may seem basic and simple to operate, but to be able to build the frame, to weld the hinges and balance the door’s wings and balance them require knowledge. Knowledge that only years of repairing basement cellar doors in Brooklyn can teach. Locate the right contractor, make sure that he knows how to deal with cellar doors and with basement steel doors, and make sure that you are getting high quality cellar doors made from strong steel.

Basement cellar door installation Brooklyn

DIY Basement cellar doors installation Brooklyn

We would like to divide the basement cellar doors you can find in Brooklyn to 2: The residential and the commercial. If you need residential ce3llar doors for your home basement, you may be able to purchase cellar doors, and with basic knowledge and with following online cellar doors DIY tutorial, you may be able to complete the installation by yourself. But if you need custom made commercial cellar doors, like most stores in Brooklyn New York use as basement doors, you may want to consider contacting a contractor in Brooklyn who specialize in Iron work and basement steel doors.
If you do choose to install the cellar doors by DIY, please follow safety guidelines that every DIY door repair include, whether it is a roll up gate repair, or garage door repairs, always stay on the safe side, and avoid any unnecessary risks, that may put you in danger. No cellar door in Brooklyn worth your health. Installing basement steel cellar doors, whether in Brooklyn or someplace else in NYC require use of power tools, that can be dangerous and even deadly when they are being used in the wrong way. If at any pint during the installation you are not sure what the next step will be, or what need to be done, call a contactor in Brooklyn who specialize in iron works and cellar doors to come and complete the installation for you. There is only one way to install new cellar door in Brooklyn, and this is the right way. Any attempt to skip parts in the installation, or leaving gaps between the doors, or misplacing the hinges, can end with a broken cellar door.

Custom Made Basement Cellar Doors Brooklyn

Iron can be shaped and created in different ways. We can perform any kind of iron works, and we can create for you any basement steel door that will get you the door you want. There different basements openings, and there are different cellar doors, and Jacob’s Iron Works can do all of them. Flat, standards size, or customer made size, we can provide you with high quality, strong, in the shape and the color you desire. We supplied and install many custom made basement cellar doors in Brooklyn and in NYC, and we can provide you with high quality cellar doors. When you purchase cellar doors from us, you get the door and the installation from the same company. Which make us guarantee for the full completion of the project from A to Z.
We create the doors in our work shop in Brooklyn, and our installers perform the installation. There is no need to deal with welders from other locations, if you are located in Brooklyn, or anywhere in NYC, you are local to us, and we can provide you with quick and efficient service. We can come to your location, measure the open and the entrance to your basement, and supply you with high quality basement steel door, like we did many times while providing our services in Brooklyn.

Brooklyn New York new basemet doorasement steel door

Basement door maintenance Brooklyn NY

As we explained earlier in our article about Cellar basement doors in Brooklyn, high quality cellar door can last for 20 years and more. But the door will not last that long if it is not being taking care of often. The maintenance process of cellar doors in Brooklyn isn’t complicated, and with few basic steps you can make sure that the doors will remain strong, and that you will be able to use them whenever you need to access your basement. As you know, the weather in Brooklyn isn’t friendly to gates and steel doors, and maintain them is the only way to protect the basement doors from the damage that the weather in NYC can cause.
The maintenance:

  • Each year (Preferably before the winter), check your cellar basement door in Brooklyn to make sure that there are no broken or lose parts. Lubricate the hinges to smooth their movement, and to protect them from weather damages. If you notice a problem, do not ignore it, you do not want to find yourself facing a broken cellar door, that can prevent from you easy access to the basement.
  • If the door was it, and the wings are not aligned, you can contact us for same day cellar door repairs in Brooklyn. Ignoring a problem may cause problems in the future, when you basement will get water and moisture since the door is not aligned.  We saw basements in Brooklyn flooded, since the owner of the cellar doors did not address problems on time.
  • Check the lock and the hooks that hold the locks. If you see damage, or broken area, it is possible that someone tried to break the lock or the door in order to enter the basement. Some cellar doors need to be reinforced to improve the security of the basement. There many ways to improve the security level of cellar door in NYC, and we can help you with that.
  • Just like anything in life, a small problem usually turn into a bigger one. If you noticed something wrong with the door, the frame, the concrete, the lock or anything else, contact someone who fix cellar basement doors in Brooklyn to repair it for you. You do not want to find on a snowy day that the door can’t be closed or open.
  • Paint: The paint of the cellar doors in Brooklyn is not just for beauty. It also protect the steel and extends the lift of the door. If the basement door start to get rusted, and rotten, consider renew it, or replace it.

New Basement cellar door Brooklyn NYC

The basement door doesn’t open

If you can’t open your basement door in Brooklyn, it can be due to several reasons, it can be a problem with the cellar door itself, or a problem with the lock. Whatever the problem is, we can help you. And not only that we will open the door for you, Jacob’s Iron Works will repair it for you as well. We have same day service for steel doors and roll up door in NYC. All you need to do to get your basement door repaired today call us for same day repair service.

Our Basement cellar doors service in Brooklyn New York:

  • Emergency repair for cellar door in Brooklyn.
  • Basement steel door repair Brooklyn.
  • New cellar door installation in Brooklyn New York.
  • Lock installation and replacement.
  • Cellar door maintenance Brooklyn.
  • Custom made basement steel doors in Brooklyn.
  • New cellar doors in Brooklyn New York.
  • Steel door welding service in Brooklyn.
  • Steel rolling door repairs in Brooklyn.
  • Iron works in Brooklyn New York.


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